what we do

    We are a global technology company that buys and sells connected devices and accessories. Our obsession is getting our partners and customers the most competitive prices for genuine and assured products.

    how we think

    In a highly competitive, dog eat dog market, we believe that success is driven through trust and integrity, which is why we're only interested in long term relationships with our clients, not short-term deals. We see ourselves as relationship makers not deal makers.

    our products

    We buy and sell a broad range of assured and quality products to clients in both the US and globally. From cables and chargers, through to high end laptops and tablets. We make it company policy to touch, inspect and grade every product by hand to ensure we meet and exceed our client's expectations.

    what we believe

    We feel grateful every day to be working in such an exciting and rewarding industry. When you connect with us, we'll be responsive and reliable. We don’t believe in ambiguity or dishonesty. We are straight talking and do what we say we're going to do.

    the way we work

    the way we work

    We created Maison Wireless to establish a new way of working within the category.

    In a highly competitive marketplace,
    we have always believed that success is driven through trust and integrity, values we always try to personify when working within the industry.

    Our ambition is to create long lasting and meaningful relationships with both our clients and vendors.

    Raja G Ali

    Raja G Ali

    Raja has touched every
    aspect of the business, from selling handsets all the way through to driving and leading new business growth.

    He was known within the industry for his ability to establish effective teams and manage the full sales cycle from lead development through to delivery.

    Now a seasoned CEO, he leads from the front and has high expectations from all those that work within the company.


    David Sharrod

    David Sharrod

    David has over 25 years of experience working at a senior level within the advertising Industry, focusing on client services and business development.

    Raja asked him to become Chief Growth Officer at Maison Wireless to help establish a larger client and vendor base in North America, LATAM and Europe.

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